Jim Strong "Voluntary Letters" released on MoreMars

Jim Strong "Voluntary Letters" released on MoreMars cassette 2021

Preview: "Sleeping Dinosaurs"

A. 1. on a ranting counter 2. subterranean barn act 3. my proemmyself 4. voluntary letters 5. sacred paraphernalia 6. 5from Froissart 7. a fist is pure B. 1. the mermaid (live) 2. sleeping dinosaurs 3. shrinkrooms 4. music lives in the body without shape *

words and sounds by jim strong recorded at the strong family home 2019-20

list of paraphernalias, alphabets: voice _ voice through door bell, telephone ringer, ssiren, 9 volt motor, hard drive+paper and antique car horn _ radio signals through 9 v motor _ hand-drawn and mechanized wearable string instruments with spinning wheel _ Motor / EMI percussion and tone-generators that frequently catch on fire _ winged termites bumping into a microphone (6a) * featuring the voices of helene pollock and jerry belew

cover drawing by Jim Strong

download suggested donation $5

press, radio etc.....

Review: The Sound Projector

Included in Free Form Freakout #193


Review: Soundtraag

Review: vital weekly #1276

Cassette available through Cor Ardens $10

*To say hello, or to place an order for physical copies: please send an e-mail to Jmm.Strong@gmail.com including what you'd like and your address/ zipcode so i can calculate shipping.