010: APONIA A.D. "Time Furniture" 2021

010: APONIA A.D. "Time Furniture" Cassette 2022


Preview 1. "Wind beneath a skeleton key" 2. "More Crocys"

Aponia A.D. “Time Furniture” cassette in special edition altered jewelry box with woodblock print


“Time Furniture” is the debut release from Aponia A.D. a new collaboration between friends Jim Strong and Pony Payroll Bones who are both quietly active in the American Underground in addition to being visual artists. This debut outing unfolds over a series of brief meetings as the pair skip gleefully between an array of dueling pianos, viola, cello, keyboard and organ undergirded with cellular networks of tape collage, invented instruments, spiritual ritual through everyday appliances and the sputtering engines of broken down cars. Aponia translates to“absence of pain” a state of perfect equilibrium in the epicurean ideal of the good-life. In the accompanying wood block print the pair is seen lanced with arrows, and doctors protruding tools- the groups art experiments are tinged with a hopeful affirmation of life in the midsts of serious illness and increasing industrial pollution. Drawing on traditions of psych, noise, folk , new age drone and fluxus / sound art Aponia A.D. specialize in a kind of haunted Americana anti-music for the post-american dystopian landscape.

For fans of Semool, Constance Demby, Pekka Airaksinen, Henry Flynt, Taj Mahal Travellers, Tony Conrad

A1 Wind beneath a skeleton key A2 Full Moon Chromatic String Yoke A3 69, on a glacier A4 Burry the Owl featuring dumars A5 Sperm exhale for Pure Land B1 More Crocys B2 An Entropy featuring Dan Conrad B3 Hillbilly Rain (Composition for broken automobile and strings) B4 Talking Machine Rag B5 Swamp Cat

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