08: Jim Strong "Yes, Goodbye" Cassette 2021

08: Jim Strong "Yes, Goodbye" Cassette 2021

Building on the installation “teaching a cat to play piano” a sound/ sculptural tableaux featuring a unique cassette edition embedded in a furniture of piano parts. “Yes, Goodbye” resumes strong’s foray into the musical potential of human/ animal communication. Here, the artists hand is limited to the staging of instruments and obstacles conducive to the curiosity and temperament of the animal performers. Consisting of two side long excerpts from hours of chance-choreographies of walking, sitting and playful bunting of keyed instruments. For the listener, the objective is not to linger in the comedy or absurdity of the project but also, to experience these zoosemiotic investigations as a playful addition to the pantheon of aleatoric approaches to sound with an eye towards the beautiful and numinous (emphasis mine). Outside of this recording being a document of a very specific localized phenomena- Kindred spirits may be found in Jim Nollmans “Playing music with Animals” , “HPSCHD” by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller (but with cats) and of course the general internet phenomena of animals, specifically cats, playing piano.

edition of 13 Cassette tapes

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