07: Eyes of the Amaryllis

07: Eyes of the Amaryllis cassette 2021

Preview: 3. "Aleatoric Memory"

Cor Ardens is pleased to introduce the debut release from Eyes of the Amaryllis. The project documents a series of on location musical encounters and conversations between friends Esther Scanlund, Goda Trakumaite, Jesse Dewlow and Jim Strong. On display is a sensitivity to the first gesture, the finger print, the miniature. voice flutters through battery powered electronics competing with the sounds of summer insects in a palette of domestic psychedelia. Ambling not quite aimlessly but always in four somewhat different directions, EotA nurses a compost of sun-dappled experimentalism, whispered folk and shambolic pop. Amplifiers in the tree below circuitries of extension chords which weave patterns on the lawn. Note carefully, the appearance of the dog who drinks lavishly from fresh ceramic. The releases accompanying zine gives the viewer an insight behind the scenes of the album from recording to sourcing of the recycled material for packaging to a whole host of other corollary frolic. From the shared meal to the alien echo, Eyes of the Amaryllis offer a day book synthesized in convivial improvisation.

Edition of 60 housed in sewn and burned recycled tyvek sleeves with booklet. Program repeats on both sides C92 to produce 46 minutes of countrified hum.

Link Digital Release URL! Cassette available through Cor Ardens $8

*To say hello, or to place an order for physical copies: please send an e-mail to Jmm.Strong@gmail.com including what you'd like and your address/ zipcode so i can calculate shipping.