004: Pony Moon "The sun is the radioactive wasp egg"

004: Pony Moon "The sun is the radioactive wasp egg" cassette 2019

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“The Sun is the radioactive Wasp Egg” a new audio release from prolific Baltimore Artists, Matthew Pony Payroll Bones and Jenny Moon Tucker. The Duo is known for it’s Endurance-Challenging performance rituals of Cymbals and Bells Flying through the Air, Splintering Ancient Railroad Surplus and a lazy hand wielding a sparking power-tool slowly eating through a rickety mesh of wire fence which was dragged into the center of the venue. A Fireworks Procession through which primordial song-forms emerge referencing the history of blues, home spun drone and free musics simultaneously. The recording herein begins with a voyeuristic transmission of two individuals casually conversing about local eateries, the weather. Small town observations recede toward a fluid whistling and clatter barely emerged. A swell of pots and pans heaved in pathetic rage. Sort of funny to. Amphibious dirge.

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Cassette available through Cor Ardens $8 + shipping e-mail the above address to place order