003: compiled by Mille, Murayama and Amy Jean "growth to come""

003: compiled by Mille, Murayama and Amy Jean "growth to come" cassette 2019

Preview: Growth to come excerpt

1. Growth to Come side a

2. Growth to come side b

Growth to come is the audio channel of an original film consisting of interviews, and conversations about self-knowledge, plants, connection and care -- growing out of a desire to cultivate a communal experience around human connection. It represents the long distance collaboration of Philadelphia Songwriter, Murayama with Experimental Harpist and Herbalist, Chanelle A. Bergeron aka Mille of Chapel Hill, NC with Dancer, Amy Jean. Intended as a limited release for an installation/event in the woods which never materialized and further hampered by the whole batch of tapes having a weird malfunction... growth to come accidentally became lost in the shuffle, revived here and hopefully new tape versions leaking out soon

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