002: Vox Populi! "Half Alive Ganja Music"

002: Vox Populi! "Half Alive Ganja Music" CD 2019

Preview: "Ney" previously unreleased

1. Let us get higher 2. Ala Okik 3.Hades 4. Sunshine boy’s earthly meditation 5. Sunshine boy & the time keeper 6. Nymphea 7. Ney * 8. Indian bloom 9. Razaye Axel jube hast ** 10. Invar Ounvar * 11. Vapanda’s electric garden * 12. (Bonus) Be Bare Man* 13. (Bonus) Lunar Plexus ** 14. (Bonus) Second alien voice 15. (Bonus) Solar Plexus ** 16. (Bonus) Permanent revolution ** 17. (Bonus) Live improvisation 1988 *

* Previously Unreleased

**First re-release since initial pressing

This Project was conceived through the correspondence of Vox Populi’s Axel Kyrou and Jim Strong. It serves to commemorate the 30th anniversaries of both the founding of the Philadelphia art collective, Vox Populi Gallery in 1988 and the release of Half Dead Ganja Music, the seminal 1987 album by Vox Populi!. Vox Populi! Emerged out of the eighties Industrial Underground in Paris. The Group’s mercurial experimentation was deeply influenced by Spirituality and Surrealism.

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