cor ardens
anomalous sound / print / objects curated by jim strong

01: Various "First Citizens of the Moon" cassette 2019
02: Vox Populi! "Half Alive Ganja Music" cd 2019
03: compiled by Mille, Murayama and Amy Jean "growth to come" cassette 2019
04: Pony Moon "The sun is the radioactive wasp egg" cassette 2019
05: Alan Sondheim Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991) cassette 2019
06: Kostas Kefalianos "Der Schimmel" cassette 2021
07: Eyes of the Amaryllis “s/t” cassette 2021
08: Jim Strong "Yes, Goodbye" cassette 2021
09: Jordan Deal "GOGO UNDERWORLD" cassette 2022 (forthcoming)
10: APONIA A.D. "Time Furniture" cassette 2022 (forthcoming)

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